Terms & Conditions

  1. The Customer may only use the Legal Library and access any of the material contained therein if
    they agree to these terms and conditions.
  2. The legal Library is only suitable for customers in England. Those from other jurisdictions are
    advised not to use the service.
  3. the customer must not use the customer must not use the information of templates for any
    illegal or immoral purpose.
  4. When a customer purchases an information sheet or template (including a purchase with a
    voucher), they purchase a license to use the document for their own use.
  5. The customer may:
    a. Download the document and retain it;
    b. Print the document and make copies strictly for their own use.
  6. The customer may not:
    a. Provide a copy of the document to anyone else;
    b. Sell, distribute or otherwise share the document for financial gain;
    c. Use the document in any manner which breaches or goes beyond 5(a) above;
    d. Publish or re-publish the document;
    e. Attempt to access, view, change, modify or copy any software or code contained within the legal
    library website.
  7. The license purchased by the customer is a single license. If the customer deletes or loses the
    document a replacement will not be provided.
  8. The license purchased is not transferrable to any other party.
  9. All copyright and intellectual property rights remain the property of the legal library limited and
    are reserved to the full extend that the law allows.
  10. Whilst Legal Library Limited makes every effort to ensure that the content is up to date, it
    accepts no responsibility for changes in the law which effect the accuracy, relevance or
    suitability of and information sheet or template document.
  11. Legal Library Limited is not responsible for any loss, liability or claim which relates directly or
    indirectly to the customers use of the information of documents obtained from the website. the
    information and templates are not designed to replace proper legal advice and must only be
    used at the customers own risk.
  12. Any disputes will be determined by reference to English Law and only English Courts will have
    jurisdiction to consider the same.
  13. If a Customer is unhappy, they must request a copy of the Legal Library Complaints Procedure
    and follow that procedure.
  14. The maximum liability of Legal Library Limited in relation to any dispute is limited to the price
    paid by the customer for the specific information sheet or template from which the dispute
  15. Once a document has been made available to a customer, a refund will not be provided. The
    customer must therefore be certain that they wish to purchase the document prior to
    completing the transaction.
  16. The customer agrees for Legal Library Limited to obtain, process, use and otherwise handle their
    personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.
  17. The customer indemnifies Legal Library Limited from all claims, losses, liabilities and expenses
    sought from a third party which arise directly or indirectly from the customers use of the Legal
    Library website, information sheets or templates.
  18. The customer acknowledges that they have read and understood all of these terms before
    confirming their agreement to them by clicking the acceptance tab on the website.