The Landlord’s full name: ${landlord_name}

Landlord’s address: ${landlord_address} (the ‘Property’)

Landlord’s tel. no: ${landlord_phone_number}

The Lodger’s full name: ${lodger_name}


This is a Lodgers Agreement. It provides to the Lodger a Licence to share the Property in accordance with the terms of this agreement. This is not to be considered an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement nor should be it be considered an Assured Tenancy Agreement.

The Lodger agrees that they will vacate the Property upon receiving 14 days’ notice from the Landlord that their Licence to share the Property is being revoked.

The Lodger will have no rights to remain in the property beyond 14 days from the expiry of any such notice.


Shared areas:


These are the areas of the Property which the lodger is permitted to use on a shared basis.

Lodger’s accommodation:


The Lodger should note that the Landlord reserves the right to enter the Lodger’s accommodation as and when required. The Landlord will, in all cases except for emergencies, give 24 hours notice.

Excluded areas:


The Lodger should not enter these parts of the property for any reason.


This Lodgers Agreement will commence on ${commencement_date} and will continue until either:

  1. The Landlord gives the tenant 14 days’ notice that their License to share the property with them is being revoked; or

  1. The Tenant gives the Landlord 14 days’ notice of their intention to leave.


The Lodger will pay £${weekly_payment_amount} per week. This amount includes their rent, council tax contribution and utility usage.

They are required to pay two weeks rent in advance. This rent in advance will be credited to the rental account. The tenant is required to remain two weeks in credit in respect of rent for the duration of their stay at the Property. Once either party gives the other a 14 day notice to end this agreement, the rent will be used to cover those 14 days.

The inclusive of utilities is based upon a fair usage. If the tenant is using a disproportionate amount of gas, electricity or water, the Landlord reserves the right to seek additional amounts from them.


The Lodger will keep insurance in relation to their belongings should they wish for them to be insured.


The Lodger will at all times:

  1. Respect the property and not cause damage either wilfully or negligently;

  2. Not play loud music or act in an anti-social manner;

  3. Respect the Landlord, their family or any visitors to the Property;

  4. Not act in a manner likely to cause nuisance, offence or distress;

  5. Clean up after themselves;

  6. Purchase and consume their own food;

  7. Purchase and use their own toiletries;

  8. Purchase and use their own cleaning products;

  9. Not permit any pets to enter the Property;

  10. Not have more than 2 guests at any one time and not permit that guest to stay overnight.

  11. Pay rent on time.

  12. Not use the Property for any illegal or immoral purposes.


Upon the signing of this agreement both parties accept that they will be bound by the terms.

Landlord’s signature: _______________________

Landlord’s full name: _________________________

Date: __ / __ / ____

Witness’s signature: ________________________

Witness’s full name and address: ______________________________________

Date: __ /__ / _____

Lodger’s signature: _________________________

Lodger’s full name: __________________________

Date: __ / __ / ____

Witness’s signature: _____________________

Witness’s full name and address: _______________________________________


Date: __ /__ / _____

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