NAME: ${employee_name}

Statement of Main Terms and Conditions of Employment

Upon this contract of employment being signed by both you and ${business_name} it supersedes any previous contract of employment that may be in place between the parties.


You are employed as: ${job_title}

Your employer is ${employer_name}

The limited size and resources of ${business_name} makes it essential that you recognise the need for full flexibility of working, thus you may be required to transfer to other suitable work when necessary.

You warrant that you are entitled to work in the UK without additional approvals and will notify The ${employer_name} immediately if you cease to be so entitled during your employment with.

You will not be required to work outside of the UK for any continuous period of more than one month during the term of your employment.

You must report for work in full uniform provided to you by The Monkey House and must be presentable at all times.



You may be required to undertake other duties from time to time as ${business_name} reasonably requires.


Your employment with ${business_name} commenced on ${employment_start_date}.


You are subject to a term of probation of ${probation_months} months from the date your employment commenced. Successful completion of the probationary period is dependent on your performance which will be assessed by ${manager_name}.

At any time during the probationary period either you or ${business_name} may bring your employment to an end, for any reason, without reference to the ${business_name} Disciplinary Procedure, by giving 1-week written notice.

${business_name} reserves the right to extend the probationary period.

${business_name} reserves the right to request reference from your previous employers over the last 3 years. One character reference will also be required.


Your rate of pay will be ${hourly_pay_rate} per hour.

You are expected to work on Bank Holidays as required.

Your salary is subject to all usual deductions.

You hereby give ${business_name} written authorization to make deductions from your pay in respect of any sum(s) owed to ${business_name} including; any overpayment of salary, bonus or expenses, and any excess holiday pay you have received together with recovery of any losses incurred by ${business_name} as a result of any dishonesty, fraud or negligence on your part, including deductions for non-return of Company equipment and for the avoidance of doubt, where you give inadequate notice of termination of your employment.

Your salary will be paid into your account on the ${wage_pay_day} of each calendar month unless this day falls upon a weekend. If this day does fall on a weekend, then your salary will be paid into your account on the Friday before.


You will be required to work ${weekly_hours} hours per week.

These hours may be subject to change depending on business need.

These hours will be within the below times of business:

- Monday ${monday_start_end_time}

- Tuesday ${tuesday_start_end_time}

- Wednesday ${wednesday_start_end_time}

- Thursday ${thursday_start_end_time}

- Friday ${friday_start_end_time}

- Saturday ${saturday_start_end_time}

- Sunday ${sunday_start_end_time}

On all working days ${lunch_minutes} minutes will be permitted for lunch.

You are expected to work on Bank Holidays as required. No additional holiday entitlement will be gained by working on a Bank Holiday.


You are entitled to take ${annual_holiday_days} holidays per annual year.

Your annual year will run from ${year_start_date} to ${year_end_date} each year.

Should you leave part way through the year ${business_name} retains the right to adjust your final pay accordingly.

You will not be permitted to carry any unused holidays from one year to the next.

The above stated holiday entitlement is inclusive of bank and public holiday entitlement.

All holidays must be approved by ${business_name} before being taken and may be refused subject to business need.


You shall be eligible to participate in ${pension_scheme_name} pension scheme, subject to its rules from time to time. Details of the plan may be obtained upon request. ${business_name} reserves the right to end its participation in the scheme or substitute to another.


Should you incur mileage for business purposes (not travel between home and your place of work) you will need to submit details of your mileage to ${business_name} together with any available evidence available for authorisation. If approved, mileage will be calculated at ${mile_expense_rate} per mile for the first 10,000.00 miles and then ${added_mile_expense_rate} for each mile thereafter.


If for any reason you cannot come to work, you must telephone ${business_name} on the first day of your absence before 8:30am giving details of why you cannot attend and when you are likely to return to work.

If you are unable to speak to ${supervisor_name}, then you are required to leave a voicemail and follow this up with a text message or email before 9:00am.

You must provide Self Certification for all absences upon your return. If you are off for more than 7 consecutive days, you must obtain a doctor’s certificate from you doctor stating the reason for absence. A doctors’ certificate should be sent to ${business_name} on the eighth day and for each subsequent week of absence.

Sick pay will not be paid for the first three days of absence. Thereafter sick pay other than any SSP which you are eligible to receive will be entirely at the discretion of ${business_name}.

Where you have been absent from work due to ill health, sickness incapacity or other like cause ${business_name} may require you to be medically examined by a doctor to be determined at ${whose_expense} expense. You agree to consent to such medical examination and agree that any report produced in connection with the same may be disclosed to ${business_name} and ${business_name} may discuss the content of the same with the relevant doctor.


If you are rendered unfit for work as a result of the negligence act of a third party and receive sick pay from ${business_name}. You must include the net amount received from ${business_name} during the period within any claim for damages that you bring.

If you are successful in bringing a claim for damages, then the full net amount of sick pay advanced to you by ${business_name} in the relevant period will become repayable to ${business_name}by you.

The ${inform_of_claim} must be informed of any such claim being made and must be provided with monthly updates as to the progression of the claim by you.


Following the satisfactory completion of your probationary period and for the duration of your employment thereafter, prior written notice is required from you or ${business_name} to terminate your employment.

Such notice shall be:

  1. 4 weeks’ notice if notice is given within the first 4 years; and

  2. After 4 years, 1 week for each month of continuous employment up to a maximum of 12 weeks’ notice.

Once notice has been given by either party, ${business_name} reserves the right to exclude you from ${business_name} place of business, and require you to remain at home during all or part of your notice period. In these circumstances ${business_name} will have no obligation to provide you with work ad your normal duties will be suspended for the duration of the notice period.

${business_name} will however, continue to pay your salary and provide you with all other contractual benefits (or the cash equivalent).

${business_name} reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to bring your employment to an end before the expiry of the notice period by making you a payment equivalent to your basic salary (excluding any additional payments and / or benefits) in lieu of all or part of your notice period.

  1. LAY-OFF

If there is a reduced need for employees to perform work of a particular kind on a temporary or permanent basis, or any other occurrence which affects normal working, ${business_name} shall be entitled to lay you off or impose short-time working indefinitely or for such period as ${business_name} shall decide.

While you are laid off you shall not be required to work and shall have no right to remuneration other than set out in this clause

While you are on short-time working your working hours may be reduced as ${business_name} sees fit and your remuneration shall be correspondingly reduced.

${business_name} shall give not less than 2 weeks' notice OR as much notice as is reasonably practicable of lay-off or short-time working. Thereafter it shall give not less than 2 weeks' notice OR as much notice as is reasonably practicable of any further change to your hours including a return to normal working hours.

During any period of lay-off or short-time working ${business_name} shall pay statutory guarantee pay in accordance with legislation in force from time to time.


You are required at all times to comply with ${business_name} rules, policies and procedures (including its disciplinary procedure) in force from time to time.

For the avoidance of doubt, you are subject to any disciplinary procedure which may be in place from time to time and may be suspended from your duties in accordance with the same.

If you fail to meet the required standards of conduct, then the disciplinary procedure progresses through the following stage:

  1. Verbal Warning;

  2. Written Warning;

  3. Final Written Warning;

  4. Dismissal.

In the event that you have a grievance relating to your employment (other than one relating to a disciplinary decision) you should raise this with ${business_name}. You may be asked to confirm your grievance in writing. The decision of ${business_name} will be final.

You are required to comply with the ${business_name} Health and Safety policy, together with any notices, signs or memoranda concerning health and safety at all times and to immediately raise any concerns about the health and safety of any person arising out of any activities associated with ${business_name}. You have a statutory obligation to take reasonable care of your own health and safety, that of others working with you and that of any other persons on company premises.

All accidents must be recorded in the ${business_name} Accident Book and all staff must read and sign the risk assessment.


You may in the course of your employment with ${business_name} have access to or be trusted with information in respect of ${business_name}, its contacts, clients or transactions.

You must not use any information for your own benefit or gain, or divulge it to any other person, firm, company or entity. This includes all information or data which is not in the public domain.


During your employment with ${business_name} and for one year after the end of your employment you will:


There are no collective agreements that affect the terms and conditions of your employment with this Company.


This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit to exclusive jurisdiction of those Courts.


No person other than you, us and any solicitors instructed by us may enforce any terms of this agreement.


If a Clause of this Agreement is determined by any court or other competent authority to be unlawful and/or unenforceable, the other Clauses of this Agreement will continue in effect. If any unlawful and/or unenforceable Clause would be lawful or enforceable if part of it were deleted, that part will be deemed to be deleted, and the rest of the Clause will continue in effect (unless that would contradict the clear intention of the parties, in which case the entirety of the relevant Clause will be deemed to be deleted).

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