IN THE ${court_name} Claim No: ${claim_number}








Upon the parties having agreed the terms of this Order and Schedule attached by Consent:-

It is ordered that: -

  1. All further proceedings in this matter be stayed on the terms set out in the attached schedule to this Order, except for the purpose of carrying the said terms into effect.

  1. Each party have liberty to apply to the Court to enforce the terms without the need to bring new proceedings.

  1. Each Party shall bear their own costs.

We Consent to the Terms of This Order


Date: ${claimant_signed_date}


Date: ${defendant_signed_date}


  1. The Order is made in full and final settlement of all claims and counterclaims subsisting or capable of subsisting between the parties.

  1. The Defendant do pay the Claimant the sum £${payment_amount} within ${payment_days} days of the date of this Order.

  1. In the event of default, the Claimant will enter Judgement for the agreed sum, plus interest and costs.