Dear ${tenant_name}

Re: S48 Notice

We write in relation to your tenancy.

Please find attached hereto a Section 48 Notice. This Notice is to inform you as to the identity of your Landlord and to provide to you service details should you need to make contact or communicate in relation to your tenancy.

No action is required from you but we would recommend that this Notice be kept in a safe location.

Yours sincerely


Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, Section 48(1) Notice

To: ${tenant_name}

Of: ${tenant_address}

From: ${landlord_or_agent_name}

Of: ${landlord_or_agent_address}

We hereby, give you notice pursuant to s48(1) of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 that your landlord is [Insert Landlord Name] and their address for service of notices (including any proceedings) is as follows:


Signed: ______________________________________

Landlord / Agent